Our Story

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We at Sample Dipt started this company to fill a void—in which was the need for a simpler way to help consumers learn about what makes a beautifully designed space.

It starts with the materials.

We thought, “Why are there no tools out there to help the average DIY-er wrap their heads around the full 360˚ of a home renovation?” Most people nowadays are a bit savvier when it comes to design, but few are prepared to manage a project or are deeply aware of the endless kinds of project materials out there.

B.C. (Before Construction)

Working in the interiors industry, we saw clients pulling out their phones to share what they had in mind for their renovation projects, calling upon apps like Pinterest for the job. We realized homeowners were trying to replicate the rooms they were most inspired by but lacked an understanding of the materials in use or even the knowledge of where to find them. It’s in this problem that we determined what homeowners needed most—empowerment; to be given the tools, knowledge, and exposure to unique and high-quality materials, to fully realize their dream space. People already have the inspiration, let’s create a service to help them implement it.

We want our customers to focus on one thing—what inspires them.

A.D. (After Dipt)

And so, Sample Dipt was born. A platform to bring our clients into-the-know and out of the darkness of renovation hell.

A foundational belief guides us: anyone inspired should be able to make their dreams a reality. With the upload of a simple photo, the removal of a need for costly designers, and the delivery of materials directly to our customers, we sought to make the home reno-process, easy, affordable, and accessible.

No excuses this time, let’s stop dreaming about our lives and start living our dreams.


We also want to empower those abroad to live better, healthier, and happier lives, so we give a portion of the cost of each box to the GlobalGiving Foundation for communities in South Sudan in support of the Disaster Recovery Network.